Product :

What does Swasmos offers?
Swasmos offers preventive care service for elderly. The service includes diagnostic services, test results management, medical health record management, medication alerts, dedicated health assistant and makes it a comprehensive offering by making it easy for family members to be part of this process of heathy living.

Why elderly care?
Because health needs of elderly people demand customised and personalised attention unlike adults in other age groups.

How is Swasmos service delivered to my parents?
Once you subscribe to Swasmos and assign the family member who ought to avail the service, our staff will contact them and deliver most of the services at doorstep. The system, with your subscription, keeps you informed about all our interactions with your parents.

What services will you provide?
Diagnostic test, health profiling, doctor’s consultation, health record management, test result analysis, medicine alerts, are all part of the comprehensive health service that Swasmos offers.

Who should subscribe to Swasmos?
Anyone who wants to benefit from the preventive care services offered by Swasmos and is looking for a comprehensive health care service for elderly should consider subscribing to Swasmos.


Reports, Test Analysis :

How will I get to see the diagnostic test results, heath records and doctor analysis?
Diagnostic test results, heath records and doctor analysis can be seen in the dedicated tabs meant to display and view this information.

Are these confidential?
Reports of the test results are kept confidential and are to be accessed only by the subscribers and /or the people nominated by the subscriber.

Who all can access the test results, doctor’s analysis and health records?
Reports can be accessed only the subscriber and/or the nominees assigned by the subscriber .

Are these stored in system?
The test results and health records are all stored with the system, which the subscriber and nominees can access in the subscription period.

How different are Swasmos test results than the results furnished by the diagnostic labs
The result might be the same but the treatment of the result presentation is very different. The format of our test results offers a clear picture of health trends and help in taking a more informed decision.

How will my parents get to see the Doctor’s analysis, test results and health records?
The subscriber can assign their parents as nominee for them to access the reports and test results.

If I have any queries with respect to the report who and how do I reach out to Swasmos?
Test conducted for service users are done by our partner labs which are the best labs in business. However, in case of more clarification, the original test result document is always stored in the record tab of that patient in the subscriber’s profile.


Swasth Coach :

What will the Swasth Coach do?
Health assistant is one of the most important element of Swasmos offering. Health assistant is personnel who will be interacting regularly with the elderly parents. Our health assistant is a trained professional who will be responsible for tracking vitals, collecting samples for diagnostic test, scheduling appointment between the patient and the doctor and facilitate health record manager for the patient.

How qualified is the Swasth Coach?
Our health assistants are qualified and compassionate professional trained to interact with elderly people.

How can I reschedule my appointment with Swasth Coach?
Modification in appointment dates can be made by calling our back office. Modified appointment can be scheduled as per the best availability of the health assistant or the availability of the service for which the appointment was scheduled.


Doctor’s Consultation :

How reliable are your doctors?
The doctors we assign for consultation or test analysis have a minimum of 4 years of experience in their respective field and speciality.

Can doctors come to visit patients/users at home?
We arrange doctor’s visit at home om case to case basis. However, our simple video interaction with doctors, arranged by our health assistant should be good enough for most of patient- doctor interaction.

How can I reach the doctor during times of emergency?
Our services are designed to prevent users to be in any emergency. However, if such situation arrives, patient can get in touch with the personal heath assistant who will guide them towards the most appropriate action at that given time.


Nominee :

Can I assign any of my relative or a friend of mine to access the test results or any other info related to my parents?
Yes, you can nominate your trusted family member of friend to access the information pertaining to the patient. This person is termed as a nominee.

Who should I assign nominee?
You can assign any of your family member or any other trusted person as the nominee for the patient

Can the nominee change the information pertaining to a patient?
No. The nominee can only view the information.

What all can the nominee see?
Nominees can view the test results, doctor consultation reports, medial health records, medication which the patient is undergoing.

Can the nominee renew or upgrade the plans?

How many nominees can a subscriber have?
You can any number of nominees for each of the patients.

Can I have different nominees for different patients

How can I remove a nominee from the nominee list?
You can remove any nominee by going to the nominee list in subscriber’s account page.


Contact :

I have a query, what do I do?
You can send in your query in the query section available in the contact section of our website.
24 hours is the longest time we take to reply to a query.

Do you have a physical office space where I can meet you?
Our office is located in Royapettah Chennai. We would recommend taking an appointment for a meeting.


Payment :

What if I am not satisfied with the service?
We sincerely hope and believe that you will not have to be ask this but in case you are not satisfied you can ask for a cancellation of the service

Can I cancel my subscription package any time?
Yes, you can opt to cancel the subscription if you are not

What is the refund process?
Refund will be made to your account after deduction of bank charges for the unutilised period.

Can I pay in installments?
Yes, you can use the EMI feature in your payment gateway. Charges will be levied as per the bank policies.